Sky Dive Key West

Key West Skydive

Key West Skydiving will help you experience the rush of a lifetime while enjoying the breathtaking views of Key West and our beautiful reefs.Take the big leap into the amazing world of skydiving. Skydive Key West will introduce you to the thrill of flight with the ease of a tandem skydive. Make a tandem skydive from two miles high over our incredible Florida Keys. After a short briefing and being securely harnessed to your instructor with specially designed skydiving equipment built for two, you and your instructor will take to the skies. While climbing to altitude you will see the spectacular views of Key West, the Atlantic Ocean, the Florida reefs, the Gulf and the Florida Keys.

After jumping from the plane, you will experience the thrill of falling at speeds of 130 mph or more. Once your parachute opens, you will enjoy five to seven minute ride floating quietly back to earth for a soft, pinpoint landing.

Skydive Key West has an impeccable safety record, using the safest state of the art equipment. We only have certified United States Parachute Association instructors at Skydive Key West who have many years of experience with over 5000 skydives.

Along with our impressive safety record Key West is Florida’s friendliest dropzone. We pride ourselves in making your experience fun and memorable. Come experience the thrill of Key West skydiving.

Want to know what to do when you are Sky Diving in Key West? Go to the Sugarloaf Lodge! It's the place to stay, eat and have a "post jump" drink and social talk afterwards!

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